Who are we?

There is much more to just a name.

IT Delivery Management or IDM for short, arose from a team of senior experts and specialists in various fields of IT – wanting more from the industry… What ‘more’ meant was simple; to be able to see how IT was performing with ‘simple to grasp’ management information – as well as building and managing IT environments with unrivalled controls – for speed, cost efficiency, digitalization and customer satisfaction.

We’re pleased to announce that IDM has brought to the industry a number of solutions addressing these gaps; ones that have proven to help companies and global enterprises in a big way. When our customers now think of ‘glue’ or turning data into useful management information, keeping what’s important for their own company and being able to leverage any mix of cloud, on-premise or outsource – then today they think of IDM.

IDM is a vendor-independent specialised solutions provider for ‘real transparency’ in IT services delivery. IDM provides global enterprises with easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools that offer unequalled control over their IT services delivery. The benefits include increased customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness to achieve IT management KPI’s, as well as irresistible financial benefits of cost-control. In IDM, professionals with over 10 years established track record in delivering IT solutions to global companies in Logistics, Industry and Financial sector have joined forces.