Use this simple snap-on tool to have full transparency on network performance and management, by seamless integration with your network infrastructure monitoring solution. The tool offers you a clear view of decreasing network device performance and enables you to take preventive action.


  • Supports a preventive approach through a simple management summary interface against assigned thresholds (availability, latency, bandwidth consumption, CPU utilization and much more)
  • Works with SCOM and SolarWinds but is ready to integrate with other monitoring solutions
  • Standardise your reports using the easy to use reporting functionality

Feature highlights

  • Clear Red, Amber and Green (RAG) status against key thresholds to see where performance will impact your services
  • Serves as the source of truth on device count and criticality of the active network infrastructure in your organization
  • Provides sorting features on columns of your choosing
  • Get more details by drilling down on the infrastructure right from eNetwork
  • Offers configurable data refresh cycle
  • Integrates with your monitoring solution configuration on thresholds or configure your own right in eNetwork

Contact us to find out how easy it is to integrate eNetwork with your network infrastructure monitoring solution and start getting the information you need.