Meet the Windows 10 deadlines & prevent your business’ security from being compromised

Instant transparency on your Windows 10 migrations and upgrades

Are you ready to manage your organisation’s frequent, time-consuming and potentially stressful Windows 10 migrations and upgrades? With eReadiness, you come prepared. This practical tool/toolbox is the effective, hands-on management product that helps you take control. eReadiness helps you successfully take migration hurdles, while ensuring you don’t miss your upgrade deadline, resulting in costly security risks and liabilities. Without the bells and whistles of complicated all-encompassing and expensive product suites, eReadiness helps you work miracles for your mandatory Windows 10 upgrades and upgrades.



Why eReadiness? 6 compelling reasons.

  1. Meet the deadlines – Comply to Microsoft’s migration and upgrade requirements. Meet all deadlines and and don’t risk becoming unsupported or miss out on new features. Without the all-important security updates, your organisation will become unprotected against new security threats. eReadiness helps keep your business safe!
  1. All the insight and overview you’ll ever need – eReadiness offers unparalleled insight and overview in the complicated and new processes of Windows 10 migrations and upgrades. It’s a powerful, practical and efficient tool that helps save time and money in the process of managing the way your organisation stays on par with the latest Windows 10 requirements. You get easy overview of everything that is going on, from upgrading and updating to testing.
  1. Now you are really in control – eReadiness helps your organisation to be ready for business in the most simple, practical, efficient and effective way! With eReadiness, being in control means knowing where you are in the process, what has been done, what is ahead, what remains to be solved. eReadiness is a powerful and easy-to-use management tool that helps you take control of Windows 10 migration and upgrade processes, in every deployment ring, wave and collection. Make your own choices in the order of upgrading applications first, based on the analysis eReadiness helps you make of most-installed and most valuable applications. Choose the order of things to be done based on your vision of what is critical. eReadiness offers readiness information per deployment project and Windows 10 version. 
  1. No loose ends, no guessing – Whether or not you are responsible for these activities in a business or provide this service for clients, eReadiness leaves no loose ends and eliminates the guessing and stress from your migration and upgrade processes. eReadiness offers the assurance that your organisation is up to speed with the latest migration and upgrade requirements of Windows 10 – and that your risks and liabilities are properly managed. This unique tool helps make transparent how the enterprise is handling its upgrades. eReadiness helps making checks, helps getting organised and ‘in control’ of the update activities within the organisation. 
  1. Unparalleled managing, steering and reporting capabilities – eReadiness is an invaluable feature for any organisation, both for internal managing and steering purposes by management. eReadiness supports status reporting as well as planning the next steps in the update processes. This includes keeping up with the multitude of application testing efforts that usually follow after update activities in decentralised environments, often in many countries, in different languages and performed by many different teams. Keeping track of those tests is of the utmost importance for IT organisations that want to be in control. eReadiness offers a wealth of statistics. Throughout the interface, statistics show the actual progress (colored and in numbers) per clients, applications, rings/waves including remaining clients or applications. 
  1. It’s spot-on and straightforward – eReadiness is a dedicated tool. Different from most competing products, eReadiness is specifically targeted to control and manage the Windows 10 migration and upgrades. That focus allows eReadiness to be spot-on and straightforward to use, without the complicated add-ons that make other products hard to implement and use.

Use eReadiness in the Cloud or On Premises.
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