The WaaS-readiness strategy guide
The Windows-as-a-Service concept was launched in 2015 with the release of Windows 10 – and it is definitely here to stay. The WaaS model does make sense, but it is a true paradigm shift for both Microsoft and all Windows users. WaaS is still relatively new and Microsoft is still making considerable changes. WaaS still is a learning experience – for both Microsoft and enterprises.

Because of the inherent WaaS complexity, current conventional desktop management strategies do not suffice. Enterprises are advised to look for a solution that allows them to build a WaaS-readiness service.

The WaaS-readiness strategy guide is a white paper that tells you all about Windows-As-a-Service, how it affects the enterprise, and how you can work out an approach to gain control of the update process in large and complex organisations. In short: how to become WaaS-ready.

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Instant Transparency in IT Delivery
IT Delivery Management (IDM) create simple integrated on-prem or cloud-based solutions that aide you in answering the key questions about your IT Delivery, using decades of experience in Logistics, Finance, Industry, Telecoms and Retail organizations in IT Run, Build and Program Management. Our integration solutions means you get the most from your current IT footprint, without more intrusive technology that ultimately would bring you back to the same starting position – at more expense. Come talk to us on how we do this.
Reducing costs and risks
Instant transparency, applying simple controls and focus reduces costs and risks in IT Delivery. In the most practical way, our solutions help you to address the following key questions:

  • “What does our estate look like?”
  • “How is our estate performing on service and on component level?”
  • “How can we move away from our customers telling us there is a problem?”
  • “How can we keep overview on our services and components no matter where they are located?”
  • “How can we use our existing tools to get the information we need?”
  • “Are we spending our money on the right solution?”
  • “With no Windows 11, Keeping on track with Windows 10 is taking up so much time and resources, escalations are frequent and we’ve had downtime/viruses – how do I get my Desktop estate continually up to date and hassle free without spending big money or throwing more resources at it?
  • Desktop is >80% of my overall IT risk to the Business – I need this under control and in a managed state!”
  • “How can we deliver solutions and transparency to our customers in real time?”
  • “Can we keep control of our large multi-million transitioning programs…even when it feels we are already losing control?”
  • “Why does the project portfolio state its mostly green and yet our key stakeholders are moaning?” “I am sure its Watermelon green – i.e. Red on the inside..’
  • “How do we truly invest in our project people to see the best results they can deliver"
  • “What’s industry best practice to get the best results?”
  • “How do we attain and maintain certain Security accreditations (PCI, Cyber Essentials Plus) and look forward to Global Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) in May 2018”

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With no Windows 11, you need to keep up to date and agile for Windows 10 updates and patches – don’t put you or your Business at Risk.’

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